Linux Batch Thumbnail Creation of folder with subdirectories

I have a RaspberryPi with a 750gb attached HDD, on this drive I store a folder called Photos, it contains many sub-directories with photos in them.

I wanted to create a new directory that had the same structure of Photos, but all the images are smaller thumbnailed versions.

To accomplish this I tried a number of programs and scripts I found online for linux, but most didn’t handle sub-directories, I then tried to find programs on Windows that would do this across the network, but they either didn’t handle sub-directories or didn’t handle errors in network traffic and would bomb out.


Dynamically adding aria-describedby using JavaScript

Just a quick one to let others know what I’ve found, while it seems many of the ARIA tags work happily when added dynamically, aria-describedby will only work if it’s present when the DOM is rendered, after that screen readers just won’t see it.

The simple ways around this seem to be adding random unique aria-describedbys to all your elements, then dynamically changing the ID of what you want to point too.

Or use a global aria-live element that you change the text in to match the text you would have pointed to with aria-describedby.

E522BLE4 / E522BRE4 - Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart Fridge - Bottom Freezer 519L

Old fridge/freezer died, so we figured we’d get a larger one and hopefully not need our stand-alone freezer anymore. After extensive research I signed up to to read about their fridge reviews, which listed this fridge with an overall score of 81, which is only 2 behind the best fridge, another F&P RF522WDRX4.

The RF522WDRX4 was $700 something more expensive, and didn’t really seem to offer anything better, so we settled on the E522BLE4 from Appliances Online.


Uploading multiple LCOV and JUnit XMLs for the same source to Grunt-Karma-Sonar

I recently needed to upload 2 LCOV files, and 2 JUnit XML files up to Sonar. The problem was both LCOV and JUnit XMLs covered the same JS source files, so if I’d configured grunt-karma-sonar like normal, with the JS source path in the ‘path’ option, Sonar would throw an error about duplicate source files.

So I comment out the ‘path’ option for the second set, but then the LCOV file has the wrong path when it gets uploaded to Sonar, meaning Sonar doesn’t count those coverage results.


Pre-recored/buffer game play and save to disk with hotkey

Occasionally I'm playing a game and I do something amazing, or more likely, see something funny or someone cheating. I'd like to record these moments, but I don't want to record all my gaming sessions for the odd time this happens.

What I'd like is something to sit in the background and record say the last 30 seconds of game play, then when I press a button it will save this buffer to a file.Read more...

Adding Google Analytics to Office 365 websites

The selection of pre-defined templates is decent, and the editing tools are easy to use, my only difficulty was adding the Google Alanytics script across the whole site, from doing a search it appears most suggest you Embed the script on every page.

There was mention of adding an App called 'Web Analytics Integration', though when I entered the App after adding it, I got a blank screen with 3 empty buttons and 3 empty text areas.Read more...
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Using perceptual diffs to spot mistakes during web development

So I started this a month ago when I saw a video from Google about pdiffs, then got promptly distracted on other projects and games...

Then today saw a post from BBC about this sort of thing and figured I'd post with how far I've gotten, and see if it spurs me to do more testing on how best this can be displayed.

Basically, you want an easy way to check for style/layout changes. Automating this is difficul, ttime consuming, and eye balling it can all look the same after a few iterations.Read more...

Raspberry Pi for always on server


The following is all in AUD

So I leave my main PC running 24/7 as it runs a VOIP server, shares our photos and videos to the internal network and runs SABnzbd. It's not doing much compared to the power required, over a 2 day period it averaged 212W. So leaving it on 24/7 means it will use 1852kW over a year. Costing $463 for me to run.Read more...

Hacking Proxy support into Brackets

Started using Brackets at work, though they use a corporate proxy, so I did a quick hack to get proxy support into Brackets for installing Extensions.

Version 0.41 and above you can define the proxy in the Preferences file, in Brackets go Debug -> Open Preference File.
Then add a line
"proxy": "http://localhost:3128",

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