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Mount CIFS Unsecured Windows Shares Arch Linux

I was trying to mount a samba share from ArchLinux, this share is unsecured, with a username of guest.I tried a range of options
mount.cifs -o guest //ip/hdd /mnt/hdd
mount.cifs -o username=guest //ip/hdd /mnt/hdd
mount.cifs -o username=guest,password= /ip/hdd /mnt/hdd
Plus a bunch of other iterations and I kept getting
mount error(13): Permission denied'
After a bunch of searching I found a post that said you sometimes need to include sec=ntlm, and with this I got it to work
mount.cifs -o username=guest,sec=ntlm //ip/hdd /mnt/hdd

Linux Batch Thumbnail Creation of folder with subdirectories

I have a RaspberryPi with a 750gb attached HDD, on this drive I store a folder called Photos, it contains many sub-directories with photos in them.I wanted to create a new directory that had the same structure of Photos, but all the images are smaller thumbnailed versions.To accomplish this I tried a number of programs and scripts I found online for linux, but most didn't handle sub-directories, I then tried to find programs on Windows that would do this across the network, but they either didn't handle sub-directories or didn't handle errors in network traffic and would bomb out.Read more...