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SaveMedia.dll causing issues with Playfire and CorsairLink

Just recently had this issue, programs crashing and reporting
Faulting module name: SaveMedia.dll, version:
in the event viewer.Turns out it's an issue with RivaTuner, I added both Playfire and CorsairLink to the application list in RivaTuner and choose 'None' on the 'Application detection level'.Seems to have fixed the issue.

New Pc x99

Specs:* Corsair 400r case * Intel i7 5820k * Crucial 8gb DDR4 sticks * ASRock X99 Etreme4 motherboard * Cougar CMX1000 V3 1000W psu * Corsair H100i CPU CoolerThere is a rather large heatsink at the top of the X99 Extreme4, this will stop you fitting 1 of the stock fans inside the case, I mounted them both to the top and don't fully close the side.Read more...

Mount CIFS Unsecured Windows Shares Arch Linux

I was trying to mount a samba share from ArchLinux, this share is unsecured, with a username of guest.I tried a range of options
mount.cifs -o guest //ip/hdd /mnt/hdd
mount.cifs -o username=guest //ip/hdd /mnt/hdd
mount.cifs -o username=guest,password= /ip/hdd /mnt/hdd
Plus a bunch of other iterations and I kept getting
mount error(13): Permission denied'
After a bunch of searching I found a post that said you sometimes need to include sec=ntlm, and with this I got it to work
mount.cifs -o username=guest,sec=ntlm //ip/hdd /mnt/hdd

Linux Batch Thumbnail Creation of folder with subdirectories

I have a RaspberryPi with a 750gb attached HDD, on this drive I store a folder called Photos, it contains many sub-directories with photos in them.I wanted to create a new directory that had the same structure of Photos, but all the images are smaller thumbnailed versions.To accomplish this I tried a number of programs and scripts I found online for linux, but most didn't handle sub-directories, I then tried to find programs on Windows that would do this across the network, but they either didn't handle sub-directories or didn't handle errors in network traffic and would bomb out.Read more...

Dynamically adding aria-describedby using JavaScript

Just a quick one to let others know what I've found, while it seems many of the ARIA tags work happily when added dynamically, aria-describedby will only work if it's present when the DOM is rendered, after that screen readers just won't see it.The simple ways around this seem to be adding random unique aria-describedbys to all your elements, then dynamically changing the ID of what you want to point too.Or use a global aria-live element that you change the text in to match the text you would have pointed to with aria-describedby.

E522BLE4 / E522BRE4 - Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart Fridge - Bottom Freezer 519L

Old fridge/freezer died, so we figured we'd get a larger one and hopefully not need our stand-alone freezer anymore. After extensive research I signed up to to read about their fridge reviews, which listed this fridge with an overall score of 81, which is only 2 behind the best fridge, another F&P RF522WDRX4.The RF522WDRX4 was $700 something more expensive, and didn't really seem to offer anything better, so we settled on the E522BLE4 from Appliances Online.Read more...

Uploading multiple LCOV and JUnit XMLs for the same source to Grunt-Karma-Sonar

I recently needed to upload 2 LCOV files, and 2 JUnit XML files up to Sonar. The problem was both LCOV and JUnit XMLs covered the same JS source files, so if I'd configured grunt-karma-sonar like normal, with the JS source path in the 'path' option, Sonar would throw an error about duplicate source files.So I comment out the 'path' option for the second set, but then the LCOV file has the wrong path when it gets uploaded to Sonar, meaning Sonar doesn't count those coverage results.Read more...

Filter Keys jQuery Plugin

To help users fill in a form, you can filter out keys you don't want them to try and use. If it's a numeric field, supply the data-filterkeys='[0-9]' and they can only enter numbers. If it's a price, use data-filterkeys='[0-9$\.]' and they can enter numbers and $ and .I have written it to also use a class of .filterkeys on each input, rather than just searching for inputs with a custom attribute, simply because the class search is faster. If you really don't want to have a filterkey class on all inputs requiring the filterkeys functionality, it's an easy change:$('.filterkeys', this)to$('[data-filterkeys]', this)Download from [BitBucket](

Javascript: Long loops without blocking UI updates

Browsers like to finish running JavaScript before they update the UI, which makes sense when majority of JavaScript is dealing with DOM manipulation.The problem this causes is the UI becoming unresponsive when JavaScript takes too long to execute. Many times it's looping through an array of objects and performing the same operations on each object that causes this the UI to hang.Read more...

Javascript: Format Number, Price, Amount

After looking around at many different number formatting scripts, I figured surely the joy of regular expressions could do this is far fewer lines of code, so off I set and below is my creation. First is the two line function, below that I have put each statement on a new line for ease of explaining what/how it does its formatting.
function formatNumber(number) {
    return number.replace(/[^\d\.\-]/g, '').replace(/(\.\d{2})[\W\w]+/g, '$1').split('').reverse().join('').replace(/(\d{3})/g, '$1,').split('').reverse().join('').replace(/^([\-]{0,1}),/, '$1').replace(/(\.\d)$/, '$1'+'0').replace(/\.$/, '.00');


Canon Pixma MP495 Printer Review

Wireless setup was easy on Windows 7, connect the USB cable, run through the CD setup process, it picked up the wireless settings from my computer and automatically configured the printer, I pretty much just had to click Next.Installing on a Vista laptop was a bit of a problem, it found it over the network but reported an error installing the MP files. Inserted the CD and ran through the same installation, minus the USB cable, at the end of the installation it again reported the MP file copy error, though the printer was installed and worked fine.At a cost of $99 it's pretty good from the reviews I've read of other wireless printers, we even got 15% off and half price inks so we stocked up on black inks.I really like having it in a central location, no where near a PC.

Moved to Sydney

So, I love Javascript, out of all the languages I know, it's the most fun, the loosest and most rapidly changing one in existence. Though on the Gold Coast/Brisbane there are very few companies large enough to hire a specialist front end/javascript person, so I have to be a jack of all trades and cover everything from SEO to Graphics Design, Server maintenance to back/front end building, help desk and sales all rolled into each and every day.Given I wanted to focus on Javascript I looked around and Sydney was the place with the most jobs specialising in Javascript, so I applied, got one and moved down.Took us a few months, but now my wife and I have finally settled in Sydney and my new job. I currently have a 5month contract with Bupa, who own MBF, HBA and MC and do health, car, house, boat, caravan, life etc insurance. I've part of an awesome front end team who are transforming the three sites into a common system and revamping to bring closer to today's web application look and feel.Very heavy dependencies on jQuery, though still some room to develop my own components and scripts so it's quite enjoyable breaking out of frameworks for a change and doing raw Javascript.As we're in a new area there is so much to explore within a few hours from here, so my travel blog should get a work out, and as the money is fantastic hopefully it will allow us to travel some more outside Australia. Keep an eye on my travel blog for more on our adventures.