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Moved to Sydney

So, I love Javascript, out of all the languages I know, it's the most fun, the loosest and most rapidly changing one in existence. Though on the Gold Coast/Brisbane there are very few companies large enough to hire a specialist front end/javascript person, so I have to be a jack of all trades and cover everything from SEO to Graphics Design, Server maintenance to back/front end building, help desk and sales all rolled into each and every day.Given I wanted to focus on Javascript I looked around and Sydney was the place with the most jobs specialising in Javascript, so I applied, got one and moved down.Took us a few months, but now my wife and I have finally settled in Sydney and my new job. I currently have a 5month contract with Bupa, who own MBF, HBA and MC and do health, car, house, boat, caravan, life etc insurance. I've part of an awesome front end team who are transforming the three sites into a common system and revamping to bring closer to today's web application look and feel.Very heavy dependencies on jQuery, though still some room to develop my own components and scripts so it's quite enjoyable breaking out of frameworks for a change and doing raw Javascript.As we're in a new area there is so much to explore within a few hours from here, so my travel blog should get a work out, and as the money is fantastic hopefully it will allow us to travel some more outside Australia. Keep an eye on my travel blog for more on our adventures.

Travel blog

While I really like blogger for general blogs, there are a number of features I wanted for my travel posts. My first thoughts were to write my own, but knowing how much stuff there is on the internet I had a squiz first.
I found, which isn't flexible in the slightest, but pretty much does what I want. I'm slowly moving all my travel posts from blogger to travelpod.

So if you want to check out sacah travels, head on over.

The main thing I'd love to see with travelpod is the ability to customise it a bit, though I think a real strength of it is by structuring everything it's easy to cross navigate without layout changing. As I post more I'll get a better handle on everything and see what I think then.
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36hr Full Body mosquito repellant waterproof patches

Three of us tried the Don't Bit Me patch on our recent camping trip, they were a great success. Two of us trying them are frequently bitten when outdoors, but we didn't sustain a single mosquito bite this camping trip.
Was also great not to have Aeroguard on all night.

The patches cost about $1.20 each and last 36hours, plus they are water proof and clear so not very noticable. If your just going outdoors for a few hours, I'd just spray myself and have a shower once I'm back indoors, but for long term exposure to insects like camping they are worth the money.

Apparently they will be in stores soon, then the price should go down too, but for now you can grab them at

Melbourne Aquarium

After experiencing the Melbourne Zoo, this was a bit disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it is still an amazing experience with a collection of weird and wonderful marine life you probably haven't seen before and all the familiar favourites. For those who only have a few hours to fill, this is a great choice.

The penguins here were much large than the penguins at the Melbourne Zoo, or the Antarctic centre in Christchurch - New Zealand, and they were very willing to show off for visitors darting around the water and leaping out.

My other favourite were the jellyfish.

If your going to both Aquarium and the Zoo, do the Aquarium first.

Photos coming soon...
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Melbourne Zoo

For only $24.50 for Adult entry this is an amazing experience. So much to see and do you'll need to set aside the better part of a day. There is a lot of ground to cover, so wear comfortable shoes, take some snacks and drinks in a bag with you, if you have little ones defiantly bring a stroller.

A massive collection of widely different types of animals, presented in an adventure all the way around. They don't just show you the animals, all enclosures are designed and presented in the theme of the animals and this continuously changes as you travel around the zoo. An extremely well done experience I'd recommend to anyone.

Only issue we had was trying to find the Zoo, it wasn't greatly signed.

Photos to come...
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Melbourne Quest Flemington Apartments

We got a 3 bedroom apartment at Quest Flemington in Melbourne for 5 days, it's positioned quite close to the city, Safeway and Coles, and a range of cafes and restaurants. The rooms are quite spacious, large Tv with 4 sports channels, and Discovery and FOX8.

Main bedroom has king sized bed with ensuite and walk in robe. Other 2 rooms have 2 single beds in each with small cupboards. I'm pretty sure you can request a double or possibly queen bed in the other rooms.

Very nice place to call home for any trips to Melbourne.

Pics to come soon...
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Purling Brook - Springbrook National Park

We traveled to Springbrook National Park again this weekend to checkout another trail. The Purling Brook circuit and Warringa Pool track. Not as nice as the the Twin Falls circuit we went on a few weeks back, but certainly a nice walk. Unfortunatly half of this circuit has been blocked off, just after the Purling Brook Falls, aparently the blocked off bit is not as steep climbing back up, but going back the way we came there were quite a few stairs.

Much bigger waterfall to walk behind, and a beautiful place to have lunch by the Warringa Pool. I think it's 6km return if you do the Warringa Pool track too. Trail has lots of stair, uneven ground, rocks and tree roots across the trail.

Me walking under the waterfall
Having lunch overlooking Warringa Pool
This track required decent grid footwear and some degree of balance, not a smooth even walking path.
Top of waterfall
Base of waterfall, can see size of people left and right sides

Springbrook National Park Walks

We did a half day trip up to Springbrook National Park today, my wife had previously been up to one of the waterfalls an really wanted to take me to see it too.

On our way up we stopped at the Wunburra lookout first. Pretty nice view to Surfers Paradise, worth the stop as it's on the way.

As we continued our drive up there we tried to figure which waterfall she'd gone to, but none of the surrounding looked familiar so we ended up at so we ended up at Goomoolahra picnic area, which has some picnic tables by the stream, all bitumen so wheelchairs have access. It's also bitumen right to the first lookout, but going to the next few lookout's it's a dirt track, though there are guard rails to hold onto. First pic is view of waterfall from wheelchari friendly lookout, second pic is standing on a stone ontop of waterfall, no barriers so watch your children and your footing. Video is small track starting from first lookout.

Further up the road is the Tallaobana picnic ground, which is where 2 walks start from. The Twin Falls circuit a 4km return walk and the Warrie circuit a 17km return which is currently closed. So we did the Twin Falls circuit.

There were narrow tracks with vertical drops on about half the track, so don't take children or people not compident on their feet. Most of the walk your in scrub or rainforest surroundings, a lot of the track is dirt and mud after a bit of rain, you walk under a waterfall or two depending on recent rain so want shoes with some form of grip. It was amazing and one of the best rainforest walks I've been on outside of NSW. I am looking forward to doing the Warrie track once it opens up again.

Springbrook National Park Website

Tamborine Mountains bush walks

Finally got around to visiting the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk today, it's privately owned, so you'll need to pay to get in, was $18.50 per adult when we went, at our slow pace it took us 28min, though the guides say it will take 40min normally, maybe different time of year there woul be more animals out to look at.
It was very nice, the skywalks were fun and anyone who can walk 2km over 40min-1hr could do this walk, it's very easy. There is also a cafe there where you can get food and drinks and sit outside looking over nature.
It was a good one off thing to do, if we had visitors it's something we'd take them too, but it's not really worth the $18.50 when, if your of moderate fitness, there are so many other government run national park walks where you will get much closer to the water/waterfalls.

On our way back from the Skywalk we stopped to get some ice cream and found the Curtis Falls walk, which was only 1.2km return. This walk had some steps in it, but was pretty nice and easy. You got a lot closer to the water and a decent sized waterfall too compared to Skywalk, Curtis Falls is part of the Joalah section of Tamborine national park.

Anti Malaria Medication - Lariam (Mefloquine)

In preparation for going to Vanuatu, I asked my doctor about Malaria, I have had multiple nurses and doctors tell us that if we stay in Port Vila we don't need to worry about Hep B or Malaria, but I still got a Hep B shot because I'd like to visit some of the areas outside of Port Vila. So my doctor recommended we use Lariam (Mefloquine). I had read that some anti-malaria meds had some pretty big side effects, so I asked my doctor if Lariam was the best one to be taking, he was fairly confident it was, so I got it.

My wife went in to get the same tablets and her doctor recommended against Lariam, and after some research it's probably the worst of the anti-malaria meds for side effects, and considering Vanuatu doesn't have any malaria resistant strains, there are 3-4 other tablets we could have taken that would have done the job but been a lot safer.

There are cases I found it had been linked to suicide and mental disturbances lasting months until the drugs were out of your system.

Lariam is used by millions each year and most are safe, but if you have had any mental problems previous, or are prone to any of the many symptoms listed as side-effects I recommend talking to your doctor about other medications that are safer.

Travel Agents - Vanuatu Holiday

We are all booked to spend 10 nights in Port Vila, Vanuatu over Christmas. Should be an exciting holiday. Just a note, be careful about Travel Agents, always do your own research to confirm what they say. Last time I used a Travel Agent we were going to New Zealand, they told us it snowed all year round and we could go anytime and ski. Very wrong. This time I though I'd give them another go, different travel agent mind you, about 200km apart (-:
This group of travel agents I asked about booking a holiday to Vanuatu told me everything was sold out and I had no hope of getting there over Christmas.

So I went home and found many flights with Pacific Blue and Air Vanuatu still available, and as for accommodation, everything I looked at was available in both Port Vila and on the island of Espiritu Santo.

If your looking to plan your own trip to Vanuatu, I highly recommend visiting to look through all the accommodation and to book, they were quite helpful when I had some questions and got me a better deal with the accommodation. All up it worked out better than lastminute rates for the same hotel.

I have also ordered the The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu, which I will get in 7-10days. Look forward to seeing how much useful info it has.

Camping - Lamington National Park

Had a look around at other camp grounds near us and decided to goto Lamington rather than Sharp River, as there are rainforest walks to do at Lamington, Sharp river you have to drive to walks. Images taken from my LG U990, quality is not great as it's nearing dusk and for some reason the phone no longer uses it's flash. Gives you an idea of the camp sites provided though.

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Sharp Park River Bend Country Bush Camping, Canungra, Queensland

$5.00 a night per person
hopefully we will be staying there for a night or two in the coming weeks, I will have more photos and video available after that. Looks like an awesome little spot for some camping.

more info

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