New Pc x99

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  • Corsair 400r case
  • Intel i7 5820k
  • Crucial 8gb DDR4 sticks
  • ASRock X99 Etreme4 motherboard
  • Cougar CMX1000 V3 1000W psu
  • Corsair H100i CPU Cooler

There is a rather large heatsink at the top of the X99 Extreme4, this will stop you fitting 1 of the stock fans inside the case, I mounted them both to the top and don’t fully close the side.

I’ll get some thinner fans soon and setup a push/pull configuration.

Half the SATA ports are also blocked once I install my GPU, so when I add some drives later I’ll probably have to remove that.

The length of the main power harness of the Cougar is also just long enough to fit through the back and around to the motherboard, a few cm of extra length would have been a much nicer fit though.

Side view of new pc

Top angled view of new pc

Front view of new pc